UAS The New and Transparent Governance System with Apollo Fintech Solutions

The current civilization has become highly unpredictable, depending on a country’s government status. Citizens face many challenges despite the endless promises made by the leadership systems. 

The most common of them all being high taxes to income earners, failure to defend the innocent, uncalled-for regulations, among others. Most of the problematic issues ruin a nation’s overall growth leaving it to trickle down economically. 

However, the emergence of the United Allied States is here to boost the functionalities of every nation. UAS entails a group of sovereign nations operating under one entity. 

The UAS is a goal-oriented system that aims at providing sovereign states with complete liberation and prosperity. The mutual collaboration of nations is a major step towards preserving every citizen’s rights. 

The Contributions of the UAS Governance System Towards its Citizens

Firstly, the next-generation UAS system needs to establish sovereign economic zones. After that, the collaborating zones receive various crucial resources, job slots, food, and infrastructure from the economic zones. Below, we highlight what the citizens should expect from the UAS:

Provision of a Free Market Economy: economic freedom is one of the main priorities for the UAS. The ecosystem makes use of a laissez-Fair marketing environment whereby citizens can trade freely without legal intervention. Regulation levels on businesses are seemingly fewer to safeguard the value of life. Besides, citizens pay 0% on both corporate tax and personal income tax.

Sovereign Protection: the UAS system ensures citizens receive adequate security. Following the rise of rogue groups spreading throughout Africa, UAS ensures defensive measures are put in place for innocent citizens.

Offering investment Support: the ecosystem facilitates investment in various avenues including, research, technical training, and overall development. Boosting investment in various sectors encourages innovation and knowledge empowerment. Furthermore, the UAS looks forward to providing incentives to citizens with the best technical knowledge and citizens owning technological industries. The education sector has not been left behind as UAS grants its citizens the necessary resources to prosper in the competitive economy. The UAS poses as an arena for research and innovation, motivating kids and young adults to embrace education. Besides, citizens in the African continent receive unparalleled access to better healthcare.

The Correlation Between Apollo Fintech and UAS

The UAS joined forces with the ambitious fintech company, Apollo Fintech. The partnering blockchain company is onboard the UAS system to provide tailor-made government solutions. The innovative features Apollo presents is responsible for ensuring the security of sovereign resources.

Utilizing the Apollo Fintech technology serves as an advantage for the sovereign nations to become the most modernized form of government. In a statement made by the Congressman of UAS, Mr. Wessel Sevenster, he explains how Apollo’s collaboration will accelerate and sustain its mission of a free-market environment. 

UAS plans to utilize the Tax System, Government Bank Platform, National Currency Platform, Mineral Claim System, and much more among the products. The majority of government services established by UAS make use of the Apollo Fintech blockchain technology, therefore, linking the government departments.

Implementations of tax models in the UAS is achievable via the Tax System and the National Currency System. Citizens can retrieve most of their documents in one place, all thanks to Apollo Fintechs’s blockchain technology. 

Other Missions and Visions UAS seeks to Accomplish

The collaborative sovereign states have a couple of missions they seek to achieve. Most importantly, it is not limited to specific nations; rather, every citizen under sovereignty. No matter the race or creeds, it wants to unify and liberate every citizen. 

Globalism is another issue UAS wishes to combat. Globalism entails prioritizing the interests of the entire world rather than focusing on an individual nation. Additionally, UAS commits to providing the strongest national currency, backing it up with gold. 

Providing entrepreneurs with the appropriate tools and resources is another mission it wants to establish. Finally, yet importantly, UAS seeks to put money back to the pockets of families working and allowing their citizens to choose their treatment avenues.


Ideally, working together on the same page seemingly looks like a revolutionizing idea. The mutual collaboration of sovereign states is going to solve many social, economic, and political problems. 

The UAS is a visionary system that wants to provide unparalleled freedom, especially on marketing activities. Collaboration with Apollo Fintech technology elevates UAS to greater heights. It utilizes the fastest blockchain network with the ability to subdivide blockchain data into smaller compartments through database sharding. 

The UAS is ready to upgrade the living standards of every citizen. Providing every business owner with limited restrictions and regulations is a liberating factor that UAS seeks to implement.

Numerous innovations and discoveries may emerge as a result of UAS. The most advanced and effective tools are at the citizen’s disposal. UAS also seeks to reduce politics while at the same time, making life easier for every one of us.

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