Top 5 Blockchains to follow in 2020

Top 5 Blockchains to follow in 2020

When it comes to finding good opportunities, the blockchain sector is full of them. Today, this market includes more platforms than ever. You can find blockchains for businesses, academic purposes, supply chain management, and more. 

The only problem is that with so many new and exciting options, it can be difficult to pick out the most profitable opportunities from the bunch. The key is to research your investments in a way that is unbiased and fair. Each of these platforms listed below contributed to the overall relevance of blockchain technology in ways that make them ideal investments for 2020.


In terms of technical advancements, the Apollo blockchain is light years ahead of the competition. This futuristic platform incorporates the newest and most secure technologies in a manner that streamlines the entire cryptocurrency investment experience. Apollo was developed with the goal to simplify Dapp development and token issuance.

To that end, the platform has seen great success. Dapp programming is easier on Apollo than the competition for a number of reasons. For one, Dapp developers enjoy unlimited storage due to the network’s sharding capabilities. Apollo was the first cryptocurrency to introduce this feature.

Security for the Future

Another impressive addition to the protocol is Quantum resistance. Analysts continue to warn blockchain developers that the introduction of Quantum supercomputers could put these platforms at risk. Luckily, Apollo is the world’s first blockchain to take heed of these warnings and add the necessary protections. 


Apollo serves its purpose as a Dapp development and launch platform perfectly. The protocol can handle multiple coding languages similar to Ethereum. This strategy enables developers to choose the best coding for their projects based on merits. You can find Apollo on the BitMart exchange.


GSX is another coin that is so far ahead of the competition it’s embarrassing. For example, GSX combines the best features of a stable coin, a cryptocurrency, and an investment coin to provide you with unmatched flexibility and usability. 

Backed By Real Gold 

Every GSX is backed by physical gold. This gold undergoes auditing with the results of the audit posted for all participants to see via the blockchain. Additionally, any HSX holder can exchange their holdings for physical gold at any time. 

Impressively, GSX holds the title as the world’s only Quantum secured stable coin.  This monumental task was accomplished when developers chose to base GSX on the Apollo next-gen blockchain. 


You can only get GSX at  GSX holders have ownership rights over the firm’s holdings in entirety. This strategy means that the GSX token holders own all land rights and all mining assets the mining operation resides on. Best of all, investors receive yearly dividends based on these holdings. Currently, the coin is in pre-sale with up to 50% discount for early bird investors. These tokens will appreciate during the official launch of GSX slated for later this year. 


DASH entered the market way back in 2014 as a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. Ever since its inception, the platform has been a strong advocate for digital privacy. DASH integrates a variety of proprietary protocols that make it far more difficult to track than Bitcoin or Ethereum. Consequently, this coin continues to see more adoption internationally.

DASH is known for its strong humanitarian views as well. The firm has been pushing cryptocurrency adoption to new levels across Latin America. The company chose to focus its efforts there because many of the countries in the region suffer from crushing inflation. DASH provides a safe haven for these citizens.

This platform was the first in the market to introduce the Delegated-Proof-0f-Stake consensus mechanism. In a DPoS system, only select masternodes approve transactions on the network. This increases transaction throughput to new levels. It also assists in community governance as Masternodes vote on upgrades to the ecosystem

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance made waves last year with the introduction of their native coin – BNB. BNB is a true utility token in that its sole purpose is to help facilitate transactions within the Binance ecosystem. Users can pay fees and use BNB to achieve more flexible trading pairs. Best of all, you get a discount on fees when you pay with BNB.

BNB also inspired other exchanges to develop their own native tokens to accomplish similar tasks. In this way, BNB was the birth of the exchange token sector. Today, this sector continues to expand as more exchanges look towards its unique benefits. Despite the copycat mentality, BNB is set to remain the largest exchange token in the world for the foreseeable future.


IOTA is a cryptocurrency that integrates the vast Internet-of-things into its core protocol. Unlike traditional blockchains that rely on node participants to validate transactions, IOTA leverages millions of smart devices globally to ensure that its network is secure. These devices can include anything from your Smartphone to self-driving cars, and everything in between.

IoT is one of the most exciting and advanced technologies in the market. These smart devices enable some truly remarkable tasks. For one, supply chain management could be improved to new heights utilizing these sensors to monitor the status of goods. 

Currently, supply chains rely on information gathered from various sources. Sadly, this information can arrive late or never, depending on how the system was designed. IOTA could automate these processes to provide a more efficient means of conducting business globally. 

Top 5 Blockchains in 2020

Now that you have a better understanding of the top blockchains in 2020, you are ready to start your investment career with vigor. The key to success resides in your ability to research your investments and forecast their developments in an accurate manner. While this task isn’t easy, you are sure to see better returns when you stick to these high-quality platforms and reputable development teams.

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