Top 10 NFTs to Invest In This Year

This year, non-fungible tokens (sometimes referred to as “NFT” tokens) have been a hot topic in cryptocurrency circles. Since its explosion in 2021, the NFT market has maintained its high level of interest. 

There is a good chance that you’ve seen NFTs in the art world that sold for a lot of money at auction. NFTs can be utilized for much more than simply art collection because of the “smart contract” technology they are founded on. 

Which are the best NFT projects to invest in this year? Let us look at ten of the most promising new initiatives in this sector. 

Yeti Yacht Club

To become a member of the Yeti Yacht Club, you must first invest in it. The organization believes that focusing on exclusivity will pay off in the long run. 

Investors typically take into account the NFT’s rarity while analyzing it. Yeti Yacht Club’s popularity will soar thanks to its developers’ emphasis on rarity and exclusivity. 

A “Club” is at the heart of the team’s endeavor. All owners of Yeti NFTs will have access. 

A 600-person boat voyage to Monaco will also be a significant part of the project’s progression. Members and celebrities will be able to rent islands from the team to host parties. 

The Yeti Yacht Club has teamed up with Sapphire Studios, a group of MMO game creators. As a result of this collaboration, the project will include an MMO game and a Metaverse system. 

The Yeti Yacht Club’s founders have a wealth of experience in the internet space, having worked on a variety of previous initiatives. To gain early access to these new NFTs, the project is allowing anybody to register as a pre-mint user

Twitter and Discord are the team’s primary social media outlets.


Azuki refer to themselves as “skating across the blurred lines of the physical and digital worlds as they are beginning to blend,” which is why they have been dubbed the self-proclaimed NFT skaters of the internet. 

Azuki is a project that consists of a collection of 10,000 NFTs and grants its participants membership to “The Garden.” Azuki believes that their effort will begin to blur the lines between the digital and real worlds through this “Garden.” 

Azuki collaborates with other brands using its characters and collaborations to produce streetwear, as well as more NFT releases and live events. 

Azuki has also been recognized to be breaking new ground with its innovative products, such as its most recent release, Bobu the Bean Farmer. 

Bobu, the Bean Farmer, was tasked with the responsibility of fractionalizing the artwork and developing a Bobu Token. 

With this token, all owners in the community will have the ability to exercise control over the Bobu character within the Azuki universe. In this one-of-a-kind web3 experiment, the token holders will have control over Bobu’s future.


Animator DeeKay was born in South Korea but presently lives in the Bay Area. DeeKay started doodling at an early age, and he hasn’t changed a bit from the doodle kid he’s been since he was a child. 

He has just recently acquired the skills necessary to bring his sketches and animations to life. 

In addition to the LetsWalk series, he is responsible for several famous 1/1 artworks. His “Destiny” NFT was purchased by the famous NFT trader Cozomo De Medici for the price of 225 ETH. 

There are no traits in this NFT collection, and every single “walk” (as DeeKay labels it) is one of a kind and extraordinary in its own right. DeeKay eliminates the use of traits, which is a standard procedure in NFTs and shifts the emphasis back to the art itself.

In contrast to the majority of previous NFT initiatives, which employ a conventional ranking system, this one allows the viewer to form their own opinion on the artwork. 

Kibatsu Mecha

The artist and animator Jerry Liu is responsible for the creation of Kibatsu Mecha, which is a collection and tale comprised of 2,222 distinct hand-generated and completely animated characters. 

Kibatsu Mecha come in a variety of rarities and can have any combination of seven characteristics. Only a small number of Kibatsu Mecha will be given the “super rare” status, and each of them will have distinctive qualities that cannot be found in any of the other NFTs.

The inhabitants of Megacity Kibatsu and the lands around it are Kibatsu Mecha and their pilots. They battle every day at the Ataki Arena, which is known as one of the most perilous and exciting fight circuits in the city. 

They fight for a variety of reasons, including fame, wealth, the thrill of battle, vengeance, the ability to survive, power, honor, and love. As time goes on, the people behind the initiative will provide further information about it.


There are 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in Doodles, which are made up of hundreds of unique aesthetic characteristics created by Burnt Toast. Skellys, cats, aliens, apes, and other mascots have all been depicted in the form of Doodles. 

Doodles also have hundreds of rare heads, outfits, and hues of the artist’s palette in their collection of memorabilia. 

Owning a Doodle gives you the opportunity to have your say on community-driven features, new products, and upcoming events. Each step of the Doodles journey is a joint effort between the project’s architects and designers. 

They also have a “Doodlebank,” which is their treasury and will be utilized to fund new experiences for the community.

After starting their Space Doodles project, Doodles have seen remarkable development in the NFT space.

In addition to more than 200 audio-visual features, each Space Doodle is accompanied by numbers that show how well your Doodle is doing in its spaceship. Using the metrics of Space Doodles, the project will create new Doodles experiences that will surprise and thrill the whole NFT ecosystem.

Women Rise

Women Rise is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated and one-of-a-kind NFT artworks that were made by Maliha Abidi. Abidi is a visual artist who has received international acclaim. 

The collection is meant to be a representation of women from all over the world, and its traits go beyond the simple diversity of their skin tones. 

Women from all walks of life, including activists, artists, scientists, and computer programmers, are rising to the challenge of making the world a better place. 

Women Rise provides art enthusiasts with the opportunity to acquire a one-of-a-kind artwork while simultaneously expanding the NFT’s capacity for diversity and inclusion. 

All of the NFTs are easy to appreciate if you are a collector, but some of them are rarer than others. More than 453 hand-drawn characteristics were used to create the NFTs. 

The people behind Women Rise are strong believers in the importance of diversity, representation, and creating artwork that is both visually beautiful and honors women all across the world.

Property’s VR

The NFT and metaverse realm is home to one of the most cutting-edge real estate collecting games ever created, and that game is Property’s Virtual Reality.

The project wants to offer an experience that has never been seen before, both within and outside of the metaverse. The team wishes to achieve this result by combining the gameplay elements of the most popular games in the world. 

Each NFT is a collectible card that depicts a piece of real estate that is based on a unique culture or economic system.

In preparation for their launch, the team has been working frantically to add agreements with several other companies and NFT communities. 

One of these partnerships is with the Crypto Baristas project, and as a result, the Property’s game will contain a number of coffee shops and carts that are themed like the Crypto Baristas. 

Investors are keeping an eye on this project since their game is a part of the user-generated universe that is just starting to grow.


On April 16, 2022, the ERC-721 Moonbirds NFTs were introduced on the Ethereum network. There are several different and distinct rarity-driven features included in Moonbird NFTs, which are essentially utility-enabled profile photos (PFPs). 

As another blue-chip picture for proof (PFP) startup, Mooonbirds aims to benefit Moonbirds owners in many ways. Additionally, each Moonbird is meant to grant access to a private club for its members, with additional privileges accruing over time. 

Moonbirds give access to NFT-gated Discord servers, for example. Private Moonbirds channels will provide users access to information about impending drops, community activities, and nesting as well. 

Nesting or locking Moonbirds’ NFTs will provide extra benefits to their holders. After the nesting process is finished, a Moonbirds NFT will upgrade its nest and reach new stages. Next, the NFT’s owner can earn additional incentives and rewards through the NFT.

Invisible Friends

Markus Magnusson, a Swedish animator, produced the Invisible Friends NFT collection, which includes 5000 animated figures. The Random Character Collective created this NFT as part of a larger project. 

In an interview with Magnusson, the project’s creator, we learned that this project was intended for those who are kids at heart and have a good sense of art. 

When this NFT project was launched, there was a very short supply, which led to high demand and high prices. Invisible Friends was sold out within 24 hours of its release because of this. During the debut, their price rose to 12 ETH per token. 

A special golden NFT dubbed Golden Friend was released by Invisible Friends prior to the mint’s opening. This ultra-rare NFT was sold for $1.32 million in ETH. The RCC Charity Fund received all of the money raised from the auction by the Invisible Friends’ founders. 

It has been stated by the project’s creators that all token holders would get a prize. It was also stated that the Invisible Friends ecosystem would be expanded in the years to come.


In February 2021, Loopify published the NFT collection “NFTrees,” which inspired the creation of Treeverse. Initially, Treeverse was intended to be a social MMO game. The team released 10,420 Founders’ Private Plot (FPP) NFTs on August 1, 2021, and all of them were sold out within the first hour of trading.

Players may expect an action-packed MOBA-style game after the upgrade of the project to the MMORPG style. Outside of the city, players may slaughter monsters, level up, establish guilds, battle dungeons, and explore the extensive story of the game. 

Skills are critical in this MMORPG, as they are in any other. Players must level up their fighting, crafting, mining, and other talents in order to progress in the game. 

As a further point of reference, IdeoCo Labs, Animoca Brands, and Skyvision Capital invested $25 million in Treeverse. Clearly, this project has had success in its first round, and investors will keep an eye on it in the future.

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