Three Powerful Reasons Why Copy Trading Is The Best Way To Get Started Trading Crypto In 2021

Let’s be honest, trading crypto is not for the faint of heart.

It’s technical, requires hours of research to feel confident, and mistakes are unforgiving.

Even simply setting up your personal digital wallet, getting approved on a trusted exchange, and making your first crypto transfer is daunting for the beginner.

The market changes daily, new disruptive technologies are being launched at a dizzying pace, and the FOMO is real.

Of course, you can just buy some Bitcoin on Coinbase, hold, and hope for the moon. But is that really the best way to take advantage of this once-in-a-generation market & the coming blockchain revolution?

What if during this revolution you could actually be a part of it?
Not left behind by industry insiders, early investors, the technical savvy, or those who saw

it all coming with an unfair advantage. What if this time the revolution was social?

—That you could join a community of the world’s top crypto traders, replicating their exact market moves alongside them, and actually build your knowledge surrounded by passionate crypto experts.

What is Copy Trading? (AKA Social Trading)

Copy-trading, also referred to as “Social Trading” —is a system to automate your trading by copying the trades of other experienced & successful traders automatically & in real-time.

For more experienced crypto traders, they can stop analyzing charts, checking their trade accounts every hour, and just focus on results.

Three Powerful Reasons Why Copy Trading (AKA Social Trading) Is The Best Way To Get Started Trading Crypto In 2021

1) Allows first-time traders to familiarise themselves with crypto markets, learn the technical basics, and gain true confidence to make their own successful trades.

Imagine being able to set a trading budget you’re comfortable with, select expert crypto traders with a proven track record of success, and then be able to replicate their exact market moves in real-time.

And while all this is all happening, you are learning…

Why did this expert trader choose these three companies to invest in? Why now? Why did they use a “stop-limit order”? How many times a day do they trade? Why? What is their actual strategy, and why is it working?

Beginners can start trading crypto, and learn everything they need to feel confident…Like a master-class in crypto. Eventually, they will feel confident enough in their skills to go out on their own and develop their own trading portfolio & strategy.

2) Minimize your risks by copying proven traders, employing security best practices, and learning how to evaluate the right companies to invest in.

There are risks in all financial markets whether they are traditional finance trading or the emerging digital finance revolution. And in any emerging market, the risks are multiplied.

The market hype, rampant speculation, and companies popping up offering a white paper and a dream of that life-changing 100X trade.

How does one even begin to evaluate and research a company that has only been in business for eight months, has a brand-new unproven technology, and no history of prior success?

Copy-trading allows beginners to minimize their risks by ensuring they are following crypto security best practices, having their basic due diligence done for them in terms of research, and by watching successful traders first.

You can’t minimize all of the risks. But you can at least take care of most of the avoidable pitfalls, costly mistakes, and learn the foundations of security to maximize your chance of success.

3) Join a passionate community of crypto experts & newbie’s alike, & exchange strategies, market insights, and opportunities.

Sure, you could spend hours alone hunched over your lap-top like a burnt out 80’s stock trader on your 6th coffee…trying to learn everything you can about complex & disruptive digital finance.

But, everything is more fun in a group. It’s human nature. It’s why platforms that develop real, value-producing communities always win.

It’s not just about the fancy tech platform that executes copy-trades automatically. It’s about creating an ecosystem for communities to share ideas, insights, opportunities, and strategies for success.

Copy-trading lowers the barrier to entry, removes the fear of making expensive mistakes, and allows you to grow your network.

There Are Many Crypto Copy-trading Platforms To Choose From…But Remember Decentralization Is Vital…

Choosing which copy trading platform to start your trading & learning journey is challenging. However, one of the most important elements in choosing an ecosystem to connect your wallet, exchange tokens, and interact with exchanges….is decentralization.

For example, (based in Europe) is a completely decentralized copy-trading platform built on SERUM. Serum is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and ecosystem that brings unprecedented speed and low transaction costs to decentralized finance. It is built on Solana and is completely permissionless. have their own secure wallet, DCASH token to facilitate rapid/secure trades, and their custom API integrates with world-class crypto-asset exchange platforms (currently Binance, Kucoin, and FTX).

Why is decentralization important?

Aside from the philosophical debates, and the core tenets of blockchain technology in general…decentralized technologies favour the end-user in privacy, security, community, and even governance.

With a decentralized platform like Diabolo, you are in control of your digital assets. No hack on the platform can cause you to lose your digital assets, and there is no centralized storage of your personal & financial data to be stolen. 

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