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The Reason Why You Should Not Miss Bitcoinnami Token Sale

IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is becoming popular nowadays as it is a new and innovative method of fundraising in the cryptocurrency industry. Normally new and well-reputed projects with a clear vision will often choose IDO because they want to bring more value to investors in terms of profits as well as improve the transparency of the cryptocurrency world. BitcoinNami is similar to that mission as this project is developed to bring more benefits towards the community and with the first IDO, BitcoinNami is expected to make the traders more reliable in this platform and the BTCN token thrive strongly in the future. Let’s scroll through this article to understand why BitcoinNami is an attractive  name in the Crypto community recently and further information of the IDO of BitcoinNami!

1.What is BitcoinNami and why is the platform potential recently?

BitcoinNami is one of the most attractive platforms in 2021 which brings to you the profit in every second. This reputation was demonstrated through their cooperation with several well-known corporations in different fields such as collaborations with Blockinvest Venture and the reputed Singapore-based cryptocurrency CoinHe would be excellent instances of BitcoinNami’s potential.

BitcoinNami is trusted as it is a network protocol that connects decentralized applications and services, in which independent blockchains can exchange in a rapid and transparent way. It furtherly is created to organize spaces, where any type of data from different blockchains can be operated, transferred and exchanged in both quickly and securely. BitcoinNami targets to be a true multi-chain framework, designed to facilitate cross-chain interoperability and scalability of blockchains.

The reason made BitcoinNami an attractive platform as it has various advantages in transformation of arbitrary data across public, open, permissionless blockchains and even private, permissioned blockchains. That impossible thing previously could not be implemented but now due to BitcoinNami ‘s advanced technology in transactions, it can be held at the same time and distributed among blockchains. Additionally, their BTCN token with the BEP-20 standard is also the reason to make BitcoinNami thriving as with the constantly increasing price in the first quarter of 2021, it demonstrates that BTCN will run furtherly in 2021. At present, with the multi-using of BTCN in Lending and Borrowing, Decentralized Gaming and Mining, BTCN is expected to hit the new spike of price in the next following months. Thus, the IDO on Metamask wallet is a remarkable opportunity for traders to possess this potential token.

2. IDO information and method to possess the BTCN 

The campaign will be launching from  May 26, 2021, to May 29, 2021, on ido.bitcoinnami. In this first distribution, 650,000 BTCN tokens worths $1,450,000 will be sold with the specifical details below:

  • Total supply: 3,000,000 BTCN
  • IDO 1: price $1 / BTCN, with 200,000 BTCN
  • IDO 2: price $2 / BTCN, with 200,000 BTCN
  • IDO 3: price $3 / BTCN, with 150,000 BTCN
  • IDO 4: price $4 / BTCN, with 100,000 BTCN

Moveover with the listing of BTCN on Pancake Swap – a top-notch decentralized exchange built on Binance Smart Chain on May 31, 2021. It will enable users to swap between cryptocurrency assets by tapping into user-generated liquidity pools.

Users can refer to the instructions of “How to buy BitcoinNami IDO on MetaMask application” from BitcoinNami on their Medium to capture the method and steps to purchase the BTCN.

BitcoinNami is expected by various experts in the industry to hit a new strike ever in the Cryptocurrency world this year. Starting to invest from today will bring back forward to the traders the success and multiple benefits. Explore more information at BitcoinNami.

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