Stratus to Be the First Expansive Social Network Integrating Blockchain Technology

Stratus is projected to bring about exciting new features to the world of social networks. The platform seeks to combine social media with blockchain technology to create the most expansive and convenient ecosystem. 

The Stratus platform’s unique features are the key to solving social media woes that have been plaguing users for quite some time. Issues such as lack of privacy, content censorship, and online identity theft are just some of the demerits limiting folks to socialize online. 

As a subsidiary of the Apollo blockchain, stratus also serves as a crypto-exchange using blockchain technology attributes such as the P2P mechanism.

Apollo Fintech’s CEO, Steve McCullah, stated that Stratus would launch in four phases. Each phase will include functionalities of acknowledged platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Users’ Data Protected by Military-grade Encryptions

Instances of users’ data breaches are among the top points considered before signing up on any platform. Unfortunately, all platforms are guilty of leaking data to vendors for advertisement purposes. Who knows to whom else these platforms give your data?

For instance, in 2019, Facebook faced accusations of accessing phone number details from other online platforms and using them to connect users. 

Considering the Stratus protocol’s infrastructure, it’s no doubt that its users will never have to endure such unethical data phishing strategies, as it boasts of data discretion. This means that the platform’s data can never be sold to other entities for any reason whatsoever. 

Furthermore, the social network ensures that all users have their data and communications secured by military-grade encryptions. The platform allows users to speak their minds without their opinions getting censored just because they are political or unpopular on mainstream media (only illegal or criminal content is censored).

While on Stratus, social media lovers will also enjoy safe and secure transactions when selling data. McCullah’s unique project integrates cutting edge biometric identifications that limit private info access, giving each individual full control of their online details. 

As the U.S Senate pushes to undermine encryption designed to protect content with the proposed EarnIT bill, Stratus will remain unaffected by such laws to reduce personal data protection. 

Why Stratus Will be the Next Big Thing 

Stratus accumulates functions of the most used and loved social media platforms and adds its own unique niche. Critically acclaimed as the new game-changer in the world of social networks, Stratus offers the perfect integration of Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and more, while granting users transformative monetizing services that allow freelancers and content creators to earn revenue. 

The pioneering social ecosystem also offers ordinary folks an avenue to earn more money through diverse endeavors such as branding, advertising, or selling products; Stratus ensures influencers earn maximum cash per transaction whenever they put their names on the line.

Selling products via online social platforms doesn’t get any easier than tapping into the feature-rich Stratus platform. Imagine having the ability to trade on eBay and Amazon all on one social media platform. 

This expansive integration of social and financial services could be precisely what the crypto community wants, to be saved from the hustle of going across several websites to make a sale.

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