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SOWL Token Holders Can Fund eLearning for Underserved Learners

For many of us and our children, quality education is a given. Nevertheless, millions of children around the world battle a system of educational inequality. What was already a dire situation has only been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic that has left hundreds of millions of students out of school. Families of underprivileged children can rarely afford the fees charged by high-tech eLearning platforms. Even for those who can afford the fees, investing money in a computer to facilitate online learning is a challenge. For this reason, these children are left watching their peers progress with remote learning while they hope to catch up one day.

SOWL Token founder Megan Hallett is dedicated to teaching and helping children, so she knows how hard it is for underprivileged children to access quality education. For this reason, she launched SOWL Purpose, a program that allows people to buy $100 worth of SOWL Token and sponsor 1 child for 6 free months of virtual education on her EarlyBird app. With this program, crypto enthusiasts can invest and help kids at the same time.

Why SOWL Token?

SOWL Token is not just about a crypto. At SOWL Token, you can buy a token with strong growth potential and help children all over the world. The world is already filled with crypto developers who are just in it to make a quick buck. Every so often, a new developer builds yet another popular project using dirty tactics such as knocking off competitors’ solidity codes and undercutting competitors with lower transaction fees and higher returns. The cryptocurrency space is dominated by people competing to make the most money. In fact, the average developer abandons their project after they’ve made $100k. As an educator, Megan was frustrated with seeing one project after another that was just designed to make money. She wanted to transform the cryptocurrency landscape with a project that not only gives back to the developer and the token holders, but also helps children in need.

How Megan built the SOWL Token

The SOWL Token was designed to be more than a cryptocurrency token – it’s a utility token supported by the EarlyBird mobile app.  Megan designed the EarlyBird app to cater specifically to 1-to-8-year-olds. The app offers different levels of learning in that age range, all of which teach specific topics like numbers, reading and shapes. The app also boasts “SpecTech” features including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Video Tutoring.

When EarlyBird users (both children and parents) play on the app, they can earn SOWL Tokens. Likewise, SOWL Token holders who want to earn more tokens can download the EarlyBird app and play some of the games. As more people adopt the EarlyBird app, the value of the SOWL Token increases, thus attracting even more people to the token. Similarly, as more people buy the SOWL Token, the EarlyBird app gets even more popular. Megan and her team have set up an integrated system driven by autonomous protocols that ensure they don’t have to do anything for the token to grow in value. Ultimately, the app and the token rely on each other.

As a token holder with a child who uses the EarlyBird app, your child can get access to free levels and SpecTech features for supplemental learning. Buying SOWL Tokens also guarantees your child a spot in the line for video tutoring services.

As students earn tokens on the EarlyBird app, they can use these tokens to pay their way through the game. This way, they don’t have to make any in-app purchases to unlock new levels and special features. This encourages children to use their hard-earned SOWL Tokens to further their education, thus teaching them the value of saving and budgeting. This model not only puts power in the child’s hands but also gives them equal access to education.

As children use the EarlyBird app to learn, the SOWL Token network makes money. This adds value to the token, increasing its price and benefiting token holders.

Through their “Educate & Elevateä” model, children who don’t have actual fiat money to spend, such as those who sign up for The SOWL Purpose program, can earn SOWL Tokens as they learn. By earning while they learn, these children can unlock new levels. This model not only puts power in the child’s hands but also gives them equal access to education.

The EarlyBird app has 3 patents pending and 1 registered trademark. These intellectual property assets, combined with company profits, support the token and ensure stability. EarlyBird has also won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award.

At the moment, the EarlyBird team is working on translating the app into 32 languages to boost accessibility. These languages will be released in 4 batches over 8 different version upgrades. Megan and her team are also working on a desktop version of the app for Google Chrome. She also has plans to build EarlyBird Radio (a child-friendly version of a music streaming service, similar to Spotify), EarlyBird Mall (an online store where children and parents can shop for school supplies and clothes at great prices), and EarlyBird Sports (an interactive sports teaching system with a live instructor).

How the SOWL Purpose works

For every $100 of tokens that you purchase, SOWL Token sponsors one child with a free semester of EarlyBird’s virtual education system. In order to support this cause, you need to buy tokens through SOWL Token’s presale, ICO or IFO. For every $100, you’ll receive 333,334 SOWL Tokens. Once the transaction is complete, you simply need to send an email or message to SOWL Token with proof of purchase.

SOWL Token verifies the purchase details, after which the team chooses one child from their “Free Virtual Education Waiting List” and emails them an invitation to the program. The SOWL Token team then shares the first name and country of the lucky child with you. The SOWL Token team sends progress updates every 6 months so that each token holder can keep up with how the child they’ve sponsored is doing.

The world is inundated with many crypto projects designed to help token holders and developers make money fast. If you want a crypto that makes a difference, then you should invest in SOWL Token and help Megan advance the education of our youth globally and turn education equality into a reality. SOWL Token is driven by tokenomics that will help make the world a better place for generations to come. The SOWL Purpose program already has 200 children on the waiting list. Buy SOWL Token today, watch your money grow and see a child smile.

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