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True P&L is a copy trading and public analytics platform which main idea is to provide verified trading data and infrastructure for market participants. We believe that transparency of trading data will ensure more mutually beneficial cooperation between investors and traders.

By its concept, True P&L – is a social trading platform where all the necessary infrastructure for interaction between investors and traders is created. The main solution of the True P&L platform is aimed at the simple receiving and use of verified data. The best traders with a profitable trading strategy will be able to access the public rating. The investors, in their turn, can explore traders’ portfolios and choose with whom to establish a partnership.

The strategic plans of True P&L include the creation of a united copy trading platform, with the most profitable members and fees depending on personal revenue. In addition to cryptocurrency exchanges, True P&L will be able to include access to forex, futures, commodities, and stock markets in the future.

Behind the True P&L project, there is an equally promising team. They’re 20 years of general experience in fintech project management and crypto marketing allows them to design a unique service for investors and traders.

By today, the True P&L platform is in the alpha version. This means that anyone familiar with trading and API key can test the platform on their own and leave their wishes for improvement in the True P&L social networks.

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