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New IEO on Lukki Launchpad

It is always a challenge to find a reliable cryptocurrency exchange, as dozens of them exist today. They all have similar features, as offer clients the possibility of trading. However, there are a few exceptions from the rule. Besides being a popular trading platform, Lukki is positioned as an ecosystem for holding IEO. It has already gained popularity of a trustable platform due to its favorable conditions. 

Mainly, the listing fee is much less compared to other launchpads. There is a high level of protection, so there is no need to worry about funds loss, as most of them are stored in a cold wallet. In addition, Lukki also protects against DDoS attacks.

Such projects as Venus Energy, Lancer.Network, and P2PS has already made sure the professionalism of Lukki. Mainly, the first two have collected $1 Mln over two rounds of IEO.

EarthBi is the 4th IEO on Lukki Launchpad. The project proposes a new biobased and highly biodegradable plastic material, that doesn’t pollute as it dissolves in a short time. With EarthBi, the problem of global pollution caused by plastics can be finally solved without altering the balance of the markets and in full compliance with current regulations.

The token sale starts on August 16, where everyone who follows the rules of the exchange can buy ERA tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether. The first round of IEO finishes on August 25.

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