MasterCard to Build Crypto and Wallet Products


MasterCard Inc. (NYSE:MA) is planning to venture into the cryptocurrency space with a focus on creating a crypto team of 28 cryptocurrency professionals that will spearhead the development of cryptocurrency and wallet products.

Recruiting of Crypto Experts

On MasterCard’s website, under the career tab, the company notes that it is seeking individuals who will fill the positions of senior blockchain engineer and engineering lead, vice president for product management, product innovation, and development director and product management director for cryptocurrency and wallets.

Equally, there are other senior roles that the company is seeking to fill that also require blockchain tech expertise, such as the director of payments platform and networks, VP of network tech product management, and senior strategic program management analyst, among others.

MasterCard’s requirement for hiring personnel for any of the advertised roles is that candidates have expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology’s operation and functions. The company has indicated that for one to qualify for roles, they have to be aware of the evolution of cryptocurrency as well as have a good command over digital currencies.

The cryptocurrency team will be based in San Francisco, where the company will establish a blockchain headquarter. The team will have the responsibility of advocating blockchain tech concepts within the company.

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MasterCard to Compete with Facebook’s Libra

MasterCard is already embracing cryptocurrency and blockchain and is already a member of the Libra Association. Therefore, any progress the company will make in harnessing cryptocurrency will be a major milestone to the Libra Association, which is comprised of 27 companies. The move by the company to create a cryptocurrency team will benefit the planned launch of Libra, as well as being good competition for it.

The launch of Libra delayed after Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) cited regulatory hurdles as regulators enhance regulatory scrutiny. Libra is also recruiting professionals for its wallet Calibra but has vowed that it will allow free wallet competition from members of the association.

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