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Is Global CTB a Good Crypto Trading Platform?

With the ever growing online trading business, there is just too much competition out there. Every day a new online trading firm is developed and introduced into the online trading market but there is hardly a brokerage that manages to survive in this competitive environment.

The reason why most of the online brokerages do not make it past the first phase of gaining recognition is because they lack what majority of the world renowned online brokerages have and offer. If you have gone through brokerages such as Fidelity, E*Trade, Charles Schwab, and TD Ameritrade, then you know what I am referring to.

At present, most of the online brokerages are investment-centric and want the most out of their clients/investors. However, what sets these brokerages apart from the rest are their work ethics. These online brokerages are customer-centric and strive on providing their customers with the most reliable, secure, self-grooming, and profitable services possible

Where Does Global CTB Stand?

Founded in 2016, Global CTB online trading platform also aims to follow the same traditions and framework laid out by the most successful brokerages. Global CTB’s goal is to provide their customers with the most reliable, secure, and user-friendly trading environment.

The company also aims to provide their customers the services that can groom their trading profiles and polish their trading skills so they can also add up to the trading community with their skills and insights. Global CTB’s team highly skilled trading professionals and expert analysts are on the ‘Go’ 24/7 to ensure that their customers are provided with all the facilities that can increase their chances of making more and more profits.

While I have your attention, I will try my best to explain to you why Global CTB is different from all the typical online trading firms and why it should be considered among the ranks of some of the best brokerages.

Trading Accounts for Global CTB Customers

Determined to provide customers with all possible trading options and facilities, Global CTB has created not just one but six different kinds of trading accounts for their customers based on their trading levels and experience.

The variety of the trading accounts offered by Global CTB include Bronze account, Silver account, Gold account, Platinum account, Diamond account, and VIP account.

Minimum Deposit Range

All the accounts come with different minimum deposit conditions that start from 500€ and go all the way up to €200k depending on the type of the account you choose to trade from. These accounts are based on your trading skills so you should choose wisely and preferably start from an account with the minimum deposit to get the gist of the trading environment.

Services Offered Through the Trading Accounts

Based on the type of the account you choose, you can avail a variety of services offered by Global CTB to make your trading journey more interesting and profitable. At present, the services provided Global CTB include trading sessions, educational programs, educational sessions, savings account, trading programs, and private educational sessions.

In addition to the above, based on your trading account, your profile gets assigned either to a personal account manager, personal account analyst, senior account analyst or senior account chief analyst. These professional experts can share their experience and provide you with the best trading advice along the way to ensure your investments never go to waste.

Trading Instruments Offered by Global CTB

In order to do justice to their claims of being customer-centric, it is very crucial for Global CTB to ensure that they provide their customers with the most profitable, trending and secure trading options. And Global CTB does just that by providing their customers with trading instruments such as Forex trading, CFD trading, Shares trading, and Cryptocurrency trading.

Forex Trading

Currently being the top trading platform, forex currently observes a daily transaction volume of around $5 trillion. It involves the trading of currencies and is the most traded instrument in the market today. Therefore, through Global CTB’s trading platform, you can enjoying trading in forex with more than 70 currency pairs to choose from and trade in some of the most profitable and challenging forex trading markets.

CFD Trading

Global CTB offers you to use the CFD trading functionality on all other trading instruments it has to offer you. No matter it is forex, shares or cryptocurrencies, you can bid against the price of an asset at a pre-decided date and time, and if decision is in your favor, you end up making hefty profits.

Furthermore, Global CTB provides you with detailed analysis of the trading instrument as well as the historical reports with trends that help you easily make your judgement and make profits.

Shares Trading

If you are interested in buying shares in some of the most profitable trading markets with promising results, then you can rely on Global CTB’s expertise. When trading through the Global CTB crypto trading platform, you have access to more than 100 Shares trading markets and thousands of companies to choose from.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Global CTB also offers you the chance of investing in some of the most prominent and profitable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC). With Global CTB, you can leave the technicalities and complexities to its experts, and you just enjoy the profits flowing into your account.

Yes, Global CTB Offers a Full Educational Program

Sticking to their customer-centric orientation, Global CTB offers you the best online trading educational program. All the services and tools offered in their educational program are the final products of the hard work and dedication of Global CTB’s team of expert traders and analysts.

At present, Global CTB’s educational program offers videos, ebooks, latest news, charts, economic calendar, trader’s glossary, risk management, and trading calculator.

With all these services being offered, there is no way you can miss out on any opportunities that the online trading platform as to offer you.

Global CTB’s Professional Customer Support

While trading with Global CTB if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, then you can always get in touch with Global CTB’s 24/7 customer support. These customer support representatives are trained especially to fulfill your needs and assist you in the most efficient manner.

Choose Your Trades Wisely

Remember, no matter how attractive the online trading platform may seem, there are always risks involved of one losing all their savings if they are not attentive or dedicated enough. Therefore, you should always choose the right kind of trade for yourself and always be attentive to the events that can affect your trading instrument.

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