Intel’s SGX Tech and AlphaPoint Secures Blockchain Assets


AlphaPoint is a blockchain solutions provider who has partnered with technology giant Intel on a new security solution for digital assets.

The new partnership will see AlphaPoint’s release of a new virtual machine offering, called the TrustedVM, to be backed by Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGXs). This is the latest instance in which Intel’s security-focused solutions have been utilized to create trusted computing environments for sensitive data, such as private keys that enable access to blockchain-based assets.

According to a detailed report by AlphaPoint, the hard-backed solution can eliminate some of the privacy and security concerns that enterprise companies may have on the question of creating and exchanging digitized forms of physical assets.

More specifically, Igor Telyatnikov, AlphaPoint’s president and CEO said, “With this upgraded solution, we are enabling rapid implementation of blockchain technology into production within months instead of years. Our financial services customers want the benefits of distributed ledger technology without the security and privacy limitations of existing blockchain solutions.”

Intel also expressed optimism that the partnership could form the basis for continued work in the area of digital assets. Indeed, the exchange of digital assets is an area Intel has been pushing into, even unveiling a demo marketplace during an event earlier this year.

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