In talks with Bryan Legend for his new Project Clever DeFi

In talks with Bryan Legend for his new Project Clever DeFi

Bryan Legend is the CEO and the founder of the new Clever DeFi project. This protocol is a system that automatically provides interest to all the token holders in the fourteen-day cycle by the Blockchain. He has observed that this decentralized finance system is a new theory but gains a lot of attention. 

However, the Australian entrepreneur is fully aware of the challenge companies will face. Since it is difficult to single handedly manage both the delivery and execution. Here, the entrepreneur speaks about his new project. He shares his expertise and experience with the subject. He shares his learning with the view of helping companies in meeting their objectives. So let us know what he talks about his project. 

The concept of Clever DeFi, and what is it?

Clever DeFi is a revolutionary protocol that enables Blockchain to deliver interest amounts to the token holder automatically. They get interested for up to 11 percent per two weeks. According to this system, you don’t have to sit and wait for long to gain a few pennies as interest.

Furthermore, he explains the workings of the protocol, which is made up of various inner workings. The main working in the system is the Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM). DDM works on the pre-programmed routine flow principle containing 888 cycles, where each cycle lasts for 14 days.

How much can you expect to earn from Clever DeFi?

The multimillionaire Bryan Legend adds Clever Defi is a brilliant structure. Since Clever’s protocol is so hardcoded and pre-planned, you are guaranteed to receive a compound interest amount. The interest-earning rates, as shared by him yearly, are as follows:

  • First-year- 307%
  • Second-year- 445% 
  • Third-year- 501%
  • Fourth-year- 562%
  • Fifth-year- 600% 

What is the difference between cryptocurrency and clever Defi?

There is a vast difference between the two; the clever token is different from cryptocurrency. The clever Defi is based on decentralized finance to benefit many instead of few. The interest accrued for the token holders does not depend on lock-up periods, contract, shaking terms, or any other things. The token holders are free to sell, buy, and spend when the initial minting time is over. Moreover, the main difference that separates the two concepts is CLVA minting starts at zero.

Who should invest in Clever DeFi?

It is primarily suited for those who want to invest in a safe and reliable place. On top of that, with a high yielding return value. People should invest in Clever DeFi if they are not interested in storing their wealth in a general bank account as there is almost no interest. It is also beneficial for people looking to expand their investment documents with minimum risk.


Bryan legend has explained to his followers very beautifully the concept of Clever DeFi and its scope in the future. It can be beneficial in the future, but you need as much information as possible before investing. So keep on reading until you are fully aware.

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