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How Zara is Trying to Make its Fast Fashion Industry More Sustainable

Zara hits the list, being the most valuable fashion brand with its fast-fashion diagonal. ‘Fast Fashion’ is a contemporary term used by Zara to define its designs that move directly from the catwalk to capture current fashion trends. Zara is believed to have been releasing close to 500 designs per week which brings it close to releasing 20,000 designs by the end of the year, and a production of 450 million items per year. How do you expect sustainability to support such fast-moving production and expansion cycle? Blockchain certainly has a way out!

The blockchain technology is digging deeper into the roots of fashion ecosystem to help in maintaining sustainability throughout the supply cycle of the manufactured products. Zara is on the aisle towards leveraging blockchain technology and to internalize a transparent supply chain. It is indeed noteworthy how this brand makes its designs readily available to the masses through underlying affordable prices, while not being a luxury but one of the most modish fashion brands. The man behind the Spanish brand Zara, Amancio Ortega has been consistent and devoted towards making his wealth a source from sustainable practices in the following years. With the growing circle of fashion, we come across people who are more inclined towards products that are not detrimental to the environment. So to create a market that would survive up till the 2050s, designers and market influencers need to move towards such market practices that are nature-friendly.

How do they plan to give you a touch of nature?

Zara is all set to streamline goods that are close to nature. The most eco-friendly approach would be to create classic, durable clothes in which the customers would fit in for years before recycling. Zara has an already existing section for such clothes in its Basics line and is continuously planning to expand this section to sustain the existing wider customer base in the long run.

Here comes Curate, a budding platform for discoverers, curators, and users to ponder on fresh designs from a community of designers consisting big as well as small designers/retailers or underground designers. These people showcase their creative ideas and inspire users with new fashion trends acting as a source of new and emerging fashion trends. Moreover, the platform is based on the blockchain making it a simple and fair deal for everyone present at the platform.

What it takes to be a smart customer?

Zara has recently partnered with Curate, a style discovery fashion DApp. The team at Curate is consistently aiming to give you a personalized user experience where you know the history of the garment purchased by you. The platform has enabled a new technological feature, Remote Frequency Identification (RFID) backed by blockchain, through smart tags. Just use your smartphone camera to scan the code on your branded product and there you are traveling back in time to the roots of your product.

Are you far from a sustainable community?

Blockchain is the solution to wider industrial problems, sustainability being the foremost. Curate brings to you the decentralized community of style discoverers and curators with fresh designs that you can review timely. Now you can pick up the hottest trends through a defined platform which is built to inspire and upgrade your fashion sense from time-to-time.
Devour, you are about to step into the future!

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