How to Buy Bitcoin in Belgium


How to Buy Bitcoin in Belgium

These platforms are thus easier for new users to catch on since they have a quasi-traditional banking structure which the newbies feel comfortable using. The transaction fee of such platforms varies and it can be anywhere between one to five percent.

Here’s an assorted list of exchanges that you might want to look at to buy bitcoin in Belgium.

Coinbase is one of the biggest BTC brokers in the world. They are very easy to use and convenient for first-time users. Coinbase also has a global reach across 30 countries which includes Belgium. The customers from Coinbase can easily purchase Bitcoin via payment methods such as SEPA transfer, wire transfer, and debit card.

High buying limits and liquidity
Very easy for newbies to navigate through
They have an instant buy option for debit cardholders
Transaction fees are relatively lower
Note: The processing time for any bank transfer can take up to five days before completion. Coinbase also can track your activities associated with the Bitcoin you have purchased.

Coinmama is yet another platform that can let you use your debit or credit card. Their transaction fee can be up to 6% per transaction. Belgium users can make use of SEPA transfer to buy Bitcoin on this platform for a much lower fee.

It has a global reach
Provides higher limits to buyers using a credit card
Trusted and reliable
Note: Higher transaction fee will be incurred while using debit or credit card.

Luno is yet another BTC exchange which is based in Singapore. It also has its expansion in Europe. This platform supports the purchase of Bitcoin via SEPA transfer, iDEAL, SOFORT and credit card.

This exchange has been around for a very long time and thus can be relied upon
Easy to use
Faster processing
Privacy is low
Lower Withdrawal fees and free deposits
Note: It is advisable that you don’t store the Bitcoins in their wallet service.

Bitpanda is based in Austria and is quite a popular broker platform in Europe. They have lower fees and higher payment limits with several payment method options. Bitpanda also offers its users to buy BTC via debit card, SEPA, giropay, NETELLER, Skrill, SOFORT and even bank transfers.

They incur low transaction fees when using credit or debit card
They are reliable, fast, secure and trustworthy
Note: The fees won’t be shown separately on the site but will automatically be included in the buying fare. is also another popular platform that lets you use your credit card for buying Bitcoin. They also have several other payment methods options such as AstroPay, SEPA transfer, and cash. However, the purchases that you make with your credit card are reflected immediately. works fine for Belgium users and enthusiasts.

It supports most of the countries including Belgium
It offers lower trading fee up to 0.2%
They are reliable, easy to use and well-known
Note: They have an extensive verification process that requires a lot of personal info including a photo.

LocalBitcoin is known to be an escrow service which pairs Bitcoin sellers with buyers, Here the most common method of payment is through cash. The users can also specify their payment method preference in their respective ads. LocalBitcoins provide faster and more reliable Bitcoin purchases on their platform.

Localized bitcoin trading
They are faster, easier and more private
Bitcoin purchase option via cash deposit
Note: The prices may vary since they provide added privacy. Users are to stay alert and check the trader they are buying from. However, you won’t be able to buy in bulk as opposed to large platforms where you can.


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