Genesis11 Review – Summarizing The Features Of The Online Brokerage Firm Genesis11

Many things need to be considered when you decide to become an online trader. These include whether you have enough knowledge to understand the workings of the financial markets and most importantly how to pick the right broker. Now, this is one of the hardest steps for you if you are a new trader. Let me tell you, the kind of broker that you choose will decide whether you have a good trading experience or not. If you have encountered any stories of people losing their money to online brokers, then a majority of the time it is because they chose an unreliable broker.

I would like to recommend the online trading firm Genesis11 to any trader who is having difficulty finding a great broker that is not only suitable for new traders but for experienced ones as well. It offers many great features such as intuitive tools as a trading platform that is developed using cutting-edge technology. Despite the state of the art technology used to create this broker, it is still extremely easy to use. So, today I will be telling you about all the great features of this trading firm.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the features that Genesis11 has to offer.

Trading PlatformWeb Trader.
AssetsForex, Indices, Energies, Stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.
Banking OptionsCredit/Debit card, Bank Draft, Wire Transfer.
Account TypesMini, Classic, Premium.
Contact[email protected]

Genesis11 Features That Will Impress Traders

· Security

Security is something that you should never compromise on when it comes to your trading firm. When you open an account with the broker, you have to provide a lot of information about yourself to it in order to verify your account. Since this information can be used for identity theft or targeted attacks, it is not smart to share this information on a site that does not guarantee complete privacy and security. You will come across many cases where hackers who were able to access the database of brokers went directly to the files that store user information. So, it is important that online trading firms implement sufficient security measures to ensure complete protection of your information. The security that they provide to the user is how brokerage firms can earn the traders’ trust.

Genesis11 is a secure trading platform that you can trust to keep your information safe. The trading company has used the latest security software to ensure that it has a solid firewall. Moreover, SSL certificates and encryption software have also been implemented to provide security to the information. Encryption software is very useful because when you enter data, all the information is encrypted beyond comprehension. So, in case a hacker gets their hands on the customer’s valuable information, it will be useless to them. 

In addition, all your funds are stored in an account separate from the broker. Your money is out of reach from the trading firm in these segregated accounts which shows that you can trust that your funds are protected and secure. No one, except you, has access to your money.

· Web Trader

You ought to pay special attention to the trading platform that your trading firm provides. The quality of the trading platform shows how much you can rely on the broker. If you end up with a firm that does not have a good platform for trading and has a lot of bugs and errors, your trading experience will not be pleasant. Financial markets are an extremely volatile place. So, if your platform is not able to keep up with the fast-paced markets, then you will not be able to execute trades timely.  Always make sure that the features of the trading platform are great and that it offers a great variety of essential tools for trading.

Genesis11 provides a web trader which was designed carefully using the latest technologies. The propriety platform offers plenty of intuitive tools and features that allow you to make smart trade decisions timely. The web trader is very easy-to-use and interactive. You can easily navigate through the pages and features. What makes web traders so appealing is that they require very little maintenance. This means that all that you need to do to access the platform is to visit the website and log in to your account. With other types of trading platforms, such as when you have to download additional software or apps into your device, you need to have an upgraded device. You cannot use just any device to access your account without installing the required software. Web traders allow easy mobility in that you can use any device to use your account as long as it has a stable internet connection and a web browser.

· Assets For Trade

A great tip for new traders is to look for brokers that support multiple assets for trading. This is because when you are new to the field, you don’t know what it is that you want to do. To understand how different markets function and what is special about trading different assets, you need access to them. Therefore, a trading firm that supports a variety of assets should be the pick for you. This provides you with exposure to different markets and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. You will come across many firms that support only one or two assets. Unless you are a professional trader, you should stay away from such sites. When the brokerage firm offers a number of assets, it also helps you start out your trading portfolio.

The assets which the online brokerage firm Genesis11 supports include Forex, Indices, Energies, Stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. This is an impressive list of assets as you can see it covers almost all of the usually traded assets. In addition to these, there are various sub-categories within these assets. So, it will be rare for you to be out of options for investments. Some of these assets have more unstable market rates than others. So, this variety helps you to understand how to trade with different assets and the workings of their markets.

With so many options available, you can try trading with all of them and decide which one makes the most sense to you. This is a great way to start building a diverse trade portfolio. It will also keep you from sticking to the trade of one asset for months.  

· CFD Trading

If you are new to trading, you probably do not realize how much of an advantage CFD trading brings to traders. CFD trading is one of the best things the broker can offer to the trader as it helps them bring in increased profits. CFD stands for Contract for Difference. So, basically, as per the name, you buy a contract for an asset for the difference between the opening and closing rates. When you make an investment using CFDs, you do not own any part of the asset. Moreover, you are not using your money for these investments, so you are liquid enough to invest in other assets.

CFD trading has many benefits in terms of increased profits and liquidity, however, you should not get over-excited and invest in more than you can afford to overcome. I have seen many new traders make the mistake of investing too much with CFDs, not understanding the risks of volatile markets, and facing huge losses. So, as advantageous as it is, if you don’t play it smart, you may end up with lesser money than you started with.

Genesis11 offers you the facility of trading with CFDs with some of its assets. You can use CFDs for trading with commodities, indices, and shares. This is a great way to start out trading with CFDs because the market volatility of these assets is not as high as some other ones. CFD trading with calmer assets is a great way for new traders to practice this form of trading.  

· Educational Resources

The fact of the matter is that you cannot just wake up one day and start trading online. You need to spend some time preparing for the financial world, especially if you don’t have any background in it. So, before you start trading, you should find time to understand the fundamentals of trading. When you enter the financial market, you will come across graphs, and charts, and figures that you need to be able to comprehend to make a decision for investment. However, if you turn to the internet, you may not find the type of information that you need to work with a particular broker. While the internet has a plethora of resources, as a new trader, you probably don’t even know what to look for. Therefore, you should really look at the educational materials that the brokerage firms offer to traders.

Genesis11 offers a comprehensive educational guide which contains a lot of useful information regarding online trading. If you visit the website of this broker, you will find a detailed glossary of all the terms that are used in this field. However, when you complete your account registration, you will find much more comprehensive data that will help you understand how to trade effectively and understand the information that is provided to you. It is important that you use these resources to the max so that you become well-versed with the jargon of the financial world. 

· Versatile Account Types

It is common for trading firms to provide account options to traders. These account options allow the trader to pick a facility that is best suited to them in terms of experience, financial background, understanding, etc. Most commonly, 5-6 account types are offered by firms. However, upon close inspection, you will notice that there’s not much difference between the first two or three account types but they have gradually increasing deposit amounts. You really have to look to find a difference between these accounts.

Accounts offered by Genesis11 are easily distinguished as they each stand out in terms of differences. This trading firm offers you three different account types ranging from Mini to Classic to Premium. All of these accounts target different types of traders which are also specified next to the account name on the website.

The mini account is the basic account which is recommended, form beginners. It has an initial deposit of $500 which may seem like a lot compared to the other brokers, however, once you take a look at the features that are offered, it will make sense. The thing is that when other firms offer a lower starting deposit, they give you scarce features to rely on during your trades. The number of features on the mini account of Genesis11 is much more generous than the other trading firms. Which is why I think that this is a suitable starting price for the basic account. You will probably be able to make double the investment in just a month if you play your cards right.

Following the mini account is the Classic account which is for traders who have quite some experience up their sleeves. The initial deposit for this account is $5,000 and it offers many more features than the basic account. This account type if perfect for when you want to upgrade from being a beginner and have got the confidence and the budget to pay such a price.

The last account type that Genesis11 offers are the Premium account that requires a deposit of $20,000. This account is for the advanced traders and offers all the features that this trading firm has to offer. It is the VIP account, so you get the best trading experience with much more advanced tools.


This online brokerage firm offers intuitive tools, secured funds, educational resources, and trading costs that you will not find with many other brokers. You will find that the features that we have stated in our Genesis11 review offer are very easy to use and access despite the advanced technology used to develop the platform. You can even try out the features by signing up with a demo account.

Now that you have read about the features of Genesis11, what do you think? Will you consider signing up with this trading firm? I think that even if you are not convinced to select it, you should at least put it in your list of top-rated brokers.

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