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Finexro Review – Everything you Should Know about the Broker

The financial markets are a hub of activity where people from all over the world trade numerous instruments for the purpose of making a profit. With the global economy experiencing a downturn, people are looking for new ways to earn more in order to fulfill their needs. These markets can provide everyone the perfect opportunity to do so because they don’t require you to have any prior experience or background in order to dive in. Most importantly, they are full of opportunities, which means you will have a lot of options to explore for earning big.

Online trading allows you to trade from anywhere and at any time, but you do need a brokerage for facilitating you. They play a key role in connecting you to the financial markets and provide you the platform and tools for starting your trading journey. You have to pick one of the brokers in the market to start trading and you will find plenty of choices at your disposal. This can be a problem because the choices are overwhelming and people don’t know how to make their decision. In order to do so, you have to know a broker inside out and determine if they are capable of providing you good trading services.

One of the options in the market is Finexro, which was established by HF and Company Ltd and its offices are located in Seychelles. This forex and CFD broker is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which makes it a legitimate organization for providing financial services. But, before you sign up with them, you need to know what they are capable of. Let’s check them out:

Range of financial instruments

To choose a broker, you first need to look at their offerings. What instruments can you trade via their platform? This is important for two reasons; first, if you want to trade an instrument in particular, you need to ensure that the broker offers it to you and secondly, if you want to diversify, you have to confirm it is a possibility. Finexro provides its clients with enough options to ensure that they can find what they are looking for, if anything specific, and also have enough room to diversify. You will come to know that there are 200 financial instruments offered by the broker.

These instruments are divided into multiple asset categories, which provide traders with numerous options to choose from. Firstly, you can trade currency pairs in the forex market, which include major and minor ones. Finexro also gives its clients access to the world’s trading market, enabling them to invest in major companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and more. You can try your luck in the commodities market, which have lots of variety like precious metals, natural energies and agricultural products. The broker has also added cryptocurrencies, which are in high demand nowadays, allowing their clients to benefit from their profitability as well.

Leading Trading Platform

As stated earlier, a broker is responsible for connecting traders to the market and providing them with the trading tools they need. How do they do so? Brokers provide traders with a trading platform that enables people to trade various instruments and is equipped with the necessary tools for trading. Finexro has not developed their own trading platform; instead, they have added the MetaTrader4 trading platform for their clients. The MT4 is one of the most renowned platforms in the world and is powered by excellent tools that can be immensely beneficial.

The MT4 platform has a very intuitive user interface, which allows anyone and everyone to use it without any problems. It is available on a wide range of devices and you can use the MT4 WebTrader by simply accessing the Finexro website and logging in. This saves you from the hassle of downloading and also gives you access to more than 20 technical analysis tools, 30 trading indicators, advanced charting tools that can be customized and one-click trading. The broker has also added compatibility with iOS and Android devices, which enable trading on the go, if that’s what you want.

Various Account Options

To cater to its clients, brokers tend to come up with account options to choose from and Finexro has done the same. But, what makes their choices different from the others is that they are more varied. There are five account options you will find and each comes with varying features and is designed for different types of traders. Let’s look at the options:

  • Essentials: Meant for newcomers in the market, this account needs a minimum deposit of $250. In return, it will give you leverage of 1:50 and the spreads start at 3 pips. The trading size is 0.01, you can get trading signals in the morning and enjoy dedicated CSM.
  • Micro: The second account option is more for beginner traders and so, they are asked to deposit $1,000 to open this account. The leverage is now increased to 1:75 and spreads are reduced to 2.5 pips.
  • Standard: If you are an intermediate trader, Finexro has this account for you that you can open with a $5,000 deposit. The leverage goes up to 1:100, spreads start at 2 pips and now you also get trading signals access. It also gives you premium trading education and free VPS.
  • Premium: This account choice is meant for advanced traders and so, the deposit for it is set at $40,000. The spreads are further reduced to 1.5 pips and you also receive MT4 indicators.
  • Premium Pro: The last account option is meant for skilled and professional traders due to which it has a high deposit requirement of $200,000. The leverage is as high as 1:150 and spreads are as low as 1.1 pips. Other features include premium CSM, quarterly analyst sessions, exclusive events and commission as well.


Along with these features, Finexro also offers reliable customer support, varied deposit and withdrawal options and top security infrastructure, making it a good choice for traders to begin their foray into the trading markets.

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