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Experiencing with a new Smart Contract Generation applied on to NFT Pokemon marketplace

Lately, POKE tokens have been all the buzz. The remarkable functions of that power the vast majority of users’ monetization efforts. POKECHAIN team is bringing users on board for BNB passive income, POKE holders can earn BNB passive income from each transaction on the Pancakeswap platform based on POKECHAIN smart contract.

How is the POKE token being said as the next generation of Smart Contract? 

First of all, The Smart Contract is developed by Smart Chain network (a new trend Smart Contract of Binance). It allows POKE holders to take advantage of all the ongoing transactions, perks, and potential to help their profit margin cruise to the next level. With the smart contract mechanism, the number of BNB will be generated in the POKE holder wallet. In other words, users directly earn commission transactions in the PANCAKESWAP platform with each transaction charges a 10% as so-called collectible tax, which divides to eight percent (8%) is taken and re-distributed to all POKECHAIN holders in BNB Reward Pool and another two percent (2%) is taken and re-distributed to all POKECHAIN holders in POKE token. 

Delving into the smart contract mechanism, POKECHAIN controls on Anti-Whales features apart from profit factors. The Team protects the community’s users digital assets and makes everything transparent. POKECHAIN creates a trust, inconsistent ecosystem where users can take positions on assets or anything that has an accurate feed, including verification, peer-to-peer execution for transactions, and automatic process. POKECHAIN empowers the holder community to extremely manage digital assets, profit, and security. 

Along with the auto-generating liquidity protocol in between BNB/POKE, the technical team adds an Anti-Whale feature. All transactions (sell/buy and wallet transfer) with the volume more than 0.1% of the total supply will be rejected. This protocol protects the price movement (pump – dump prevention).

Last but not least, POKECHAIN smart contract will be audited by the most creditable audit smart contract firms in the world.  

A new trend Smart Contract applied to POKE that brings to a great community-driven token for NFT Pokemon marketplace

With proven protocols of the Smart Contract, there are two surprising facts that emerge on the POKE token strategy: firstly, 60% of the total supply is going to be sold in the Pre-Sales Fair Launch on DXSALE. The fundraised amount POKE would be listed and added to the liquidity pool on Pancake Swap. The liquidity will be locked in six (06) months on DXSALE. Secondly, POKE tokens are likely to set off a wave of cryptocurrency’s adoption as a new earning form. POKE tokens remove the flaws and inefficiencies of decentralized cryptocurrencies that are too great for them to become viable income-producing properties. POKE chain team has been building up an increasingly diverse weave of partnerships. They’re also continuing to chase extra-profit programming so as to provide an endless profit margin for POKE holders.

In conclusion, POKE is an unique potential utility token for the community that wishes to hold Pokemon. POKE is proven and will absolutely become an exchange tool for Pokemon collectors and creators to make pictures, logos, digital statuses in NFT Pokemon marketplace in the last quarter of 2021 soon. 

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