Early investors of Coinbase received a return of 2000 times on investment. Will NBP be the next miracle?

Making Coinbase successfully known out of the circle

Coinbase, represents the first echelon of cryptocurrency trading platforms. Once upon a time, mining machine manufacturers such as Jiananyunzhi and Yibang went to NASDAQ to ring the bell one after another, which aroused the cheers of the industry. As the core hub of the cryptocurrency field, Coinbase’s IPO is also a milestone in the industry, but Rome was not built in a day.

In fact, before 2018, the traditional financial sector despised cryptocurrencies, almost all of them went to the short side. The overall volume of the cryptocurrency sector actually began to gradually break through after 2020. Specific representative events such as DeFi’s overall TVL continue to expand, and it is still reaching new highs today. The financial whales represented by grayscale have begun to buy cryptocurrency wildly. The price of Bitcoin has risen all the way from 10,000 U.S. dollars, from breaking through the previous high of 20,000 U.S. dollars to continuously rise to 60,000 U.S. dollars. Among them, the push of Musk, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Meitu and other technology and financial giants are also indispensable.

The listing of Coinbase is definitely a milestone event. Its listing marks the further recognition of the cryptocurrency industry in the traditional financial market. If we go back to 2018, when the SEC often “sanctioned” some cryptocurrencies, no one would dare to imagine that cryptocurrency companies could be recognized and then listed. For Coinbase, it is the first large-scale cryptocurrency company listed in the United States. If Coinbase’s market value reaches 100 billion US dollars, which is higher than the parent company of the NYSE, it will become one of the 85 most valuable companies in the United States. Therefore, making Coinbase successfully known out of the circle.

In 2013, Union Square Ventures, a top investment institution, invested in Coinbase as an institution investor of early-stage. From the moment of Coinbase’s listing, USV earned a big fortune of 2000 times. Regarding this, Wang Qian, the founder of Suyuanyuxin, said that good information and aesthetic quality can not only feed themselves, but also for a lifetime. It is true that the early judgment of new things is particularly important, after all, you can’t predict how much impact it will bring in the later period. 

Will NebulaPlan be the next miracle like Coinbase?

From the perspective of science and technology, the whole industry is currently in the “iterative period” of alternating new and old technologies, and we have also entered the post-industrial Internet era based on new technologies. Representatives of new technologies such as AI, 5G, big data and so on, the degree of development of new technologies largely determines the speed of technological progress. 

From the traditional industrial society, the degree of supply of petroleum and other energy sources determines the level of industrial development. The “new energy” troika represented by bandwidth, storage, and computing power has become a decisive factor which determines the height that the technological development would achieve. In the field of high-end technology, the demand for computing power is higher than bandwidth and storage. Therefore, to some extent, computing power determines the level of technology development for high-end technology. 

At this stage, the computing power sector as a whole has not formed a reasonable supply and demand market. The whole market shows the disadvantages of supply and demand mismatch, resource asymmetry, and high computing power cost. It is difficult for many computing power demanders to match the appropriate computing power. From another point of view, the current application of computing power equipment is not saturated, for many idle computing power equipment is not matched to the demand side, which results in a waste of computing power. It has become a problem that how to reasonably match the supply and demand of computing power like commodities on the free market. NebulaPlan is expected to reshape the supply-demand relationship of computing power in the form of decentralization, make full use of computing power and match it reasonably. 

NebulaPlan is an ecological computing power alliance focusing on computing power. It brings together computing power supplies from all over the world. After being collected, the computing power will go into a tokenized circulation in the NebulaPlan blockchain network in the form of a contract. In the NebulaPlan ecosystem, users can be both suppliers and demanders. For example, if a user has an idle computing power device in his hand, the user can get together his computing power into NebulaPlan’s computing power bank, and use the computing power bank to match his idle computing power with the demand side in a decentralized manner, the user can get rewards of NBP tokens. Based on this, the Nebula Plan also horizontally expands computing power, including cross-cloud management, cross-cloud applications, and cross-cloud transactions.

NebulaPlan converts the mining behavior of a single node into joint mining. For users who need computing power, such as mining in a narrow sense, they only need to hold a computing power contract to trade and exchange through NebulaPlan’s computing power DEX. At the same time, the computing power contract will be delivered, and the actual delivery will be carried out according to the quantity. NebulaPlan has built a computing power trading center in a decentralized form. At the same time, it will also quantify and certify the computing power. The NebulaPlan ecosystem uses blockchain technology as the bottom layer of the transaction network running. It has the characteristics of decentralization, peer-to-peer, autonomy and irreversibility. The system has high efficiency and consensus trust. The NebulaPlan network also has quite strict penalty measures for fraud.

 The NebulaPlan alliance has attracted the participation of many narrow computing power groups, such as mining pools in the cryptocurrency field. For example, Bitmain, which currently controls more than 75% of the SHA256 ASIC mining machine market share and about 65% of the entire Bitcoin network computing power, and actually controls about 80 to 85% of the computing power, has launched a strategic cooperation with NebulaPlan. Bitman will act as a member of the computing power in the NebulaPlan ecology, and provides infrastructure of computing power for the NebulaPlan ecology, such as computing power, mining machines and so on. With the participation of large-scale computing power organizations, NebulaPlan has gradually become a large-scale computing power center all over the world. The development of the NebulaPlan ecology is expected to empower the development of global science and technology fields.

In fact, no matter for Coinbase or NebulaPlan, it’s a subversive attempt. Coinbase has pushed cryptocurrency to a high level. It is a value depression in itself, which has been favored by the capital world from the beginning. The NebulaPlan ecosystem is of vital importance to the development of technology. It links the supply and demand of global computing power. At the same time, it is expected to reshape the global computing power ecology, the significance is no less than Coinbase. NebulaPlan, as an ecosystem with equal rights of coins and stocks, the one who holds NBP tokens is regarded as holding NebulaPlan’s shares. In the future, as the NebulaPlan ecology continues to lay the foundation in the field of computing power, it will also bring quite well value gains to the holders. Early investors of Coinbase get 2000 times return on investment, and NBP is likely to be the next miracle.

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