Bitcoin Blender BitMix.Biz presents securing features for your coins

In order to prevent theft by cybercriminals using the Bitcoin analysis, it is necessary to secure a high anonymity of user transactions when making crypto payments and transfers. Protecting the personal data of crypto-wallet owners is a priority to ensure the security of the digital currency. BitMix.Biz mixer is specially developed to provide the highest level of Bitcoin anonymity.

Prevent Crypto Transaction Tracking for your Security

BitMix.Biz mixing service has features that provide strong protection against leakage of personal data of users and from blockchain vulnerabilities. Those functions prevent the tracking of transactions. The cryptocurrency openness of the blockchain defines the trust and value of digital currencies. However, this feature of cryptocurrency at the same time allows fraudsters to identify specific people and the content of their cryptocurrency wallets by analyzing the blockchain.

It is recommended to use transaction delay when mixing coins in order to ensure the greatest anonymity with BitMEX. There is no need to wait for confirmation of all dozens of mixing transactions because Bitcoin mixer uses pre-cleared crypto coins from specially created addresses. Mixing starts immediately if you do not choose to postpone the transaction. This may allow fraudsters to use this information to determine their identity.

The ability to repeatedly complicate transaction tracking appears with the choice of the transaction randomization option. You can select the level of cryptocurrency mixing charge both manually and automatically mode when choosing clearing options. Another feature of Bitcoin mixer that greatly complicates the analysis of the blockchain to determine real personalities is a variable percentage of the fee. This sturdy defense of transaction anonymity provides the ability to change the mixing fee from 0.4% of the cleared sum. 

The service offers an interface in 10 languages ​​and the ability to mix Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin. Customers of Bitcoin mixing service who have their own projects can use BitMix.Biz by installing an API key on their website to enable their customers to secure their transactions, along with an affiliate program that allows you to earn extra.

Your data will be safe with the highest level of anonymity if you constantly use the service with TOR or NoJs (without JavaScript). BitMix.Biz does not store transaction logs after confirming all related transactions.

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