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Alex’s Bara and Clemente’s Alvarez view of the Financial Internet of The Future 

If you’re looking for a thorough guide of how Financial Internet works in all of its complexity, about its main components, processes, and entities, their lifecycle as well as the related considerations, then “STO & Financial Internet” by Clemente Alvarez and Alex Bara this is one of the best books on the market.

The Future of Digital Finances
This book explains the main principles of the Financial Internet and what they actually are. It also explores the structure and the mechanism of tokenization and its life cycle which provides for a deeper understanding. Though this book covers a lot of technical terms, it presents all the information clearly with a great variety of examples. This results into a book that is both accessible and deep with the main focus on giving the reader a full picture of many elements that build a greater conception.

Later chapters give remarkably detailed information about the digital assets, this part of the book covers every step, from the data structure to its flow and transfer. These chapters especially emphasize the role of STO and how an STO is different from an ICO.

STO as a milestone of tokenization
Recent trends of the digital financial market have changed, the latest dynamics show an even greater shift to Security Token Offerings adopted by an evergrowing number of companies around the globe. Chapters that have gone into the name of the book describe how the role of STO is going to change our concept of security assets. STO is described as a milestone that secures tokenized assets and in the same way, makes digital funding more open an international as a basis for the Financial Internet ecosystem.

Experience in letters: professionals point of view
Furthermore, the authors did a great job of describing the features, as well as specific events they have faced during their adventurous careers. Two opposite backgrounds helped to create a united vision filled with technical details. Alex Bara has brought his experience in developing a unique perspective thorough working on both sides of the industry as consulting in security token offerings, as well as with his own established startups. Clemente Alvarez in his respect gave the book a visionary approach in understanding international communications on different levels, as one of the key features that make ecosystems grow and ventures appear worldwide. 

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